Sunday, January 27, 2008

Southbondage rocks on: part two

The second day of Southbondage witnessed more great music, more creatures tap beer and the deterioration of the portaloos. After breakfasting with Joh and Dunc we got ready for a day that promised some awesome gigs including Jose Gonzales and Gotye.

Dave came prepared - sun-protected and sun-creamed up. To avoid sunburn he wore a jumper and defended himself to the many randoms who interrogated his unusual summer attire. After falling in love with a shirt at one of the market stalls I convinced him to wear this cute t-shirt adorned with bicyclettes!

Gonzales was packed out and stifling, so we relocated to the bar and happily sipped beer as we caught ‘Teardrops’ and ‘Blood Stain’. Having lost Joh and Dunc in the fray and festivities, Dave and I wandered, checking out other gigs like Angus and Julia Stone (again) and sampling the ‘recycled themed’ festival art. We bumped into Rhys whenever we could.

Unexpectedly, due to overcrowding and sound/venue issues, some of the random shows offered up the best entertainment. We rocked out to the Go Team! And come evening time, and a few smuggled-in vodkas later, we were all jumping around like crazy to Regurgitator. In fact, Dunc also wore his vintage Holy/Holey Regurgitator shirt for the occasion. It was a touching act of dedication!

The downside was definitely the portaloos. A depressing hodgepodge of faeces, blood (!), shorts and mess, they raise a concern about the personal hygiene of today’s youths! But apart from that, it was an awesome weekend.
Making sure everyone has a good time at Southbound!

Come Sunday morning, all we had left was an easy pack-up and the promise of the inviting water at Bussleton.

We stopped in at Busselton’s beachfront cafĂ© Goose for a nice cooked breakfast. We then swam and showered, improving the group’s spirits and aroma.

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